it Cosmetics Bye Bye Under Eye


My sleeping is restless and my emotions have been rocked due to the loss of my mother. (Hence why I haven’t posted and disappeared for several weeks). My eyes are horrid. I have dark circles and I’m looking pretty beat up.

I could not avoid going out yesterday. I had to do some back-to-school shopping and hiding behind my sunglasses was not going to work! I don’t regularly use liquid make-up, concealers, or foundation. I’m not a fan. I just have never really like the feel of covering up and putting too much stuff on my face. I opened my make-up drawer and searched for something.

This little tube of it Cosmetics Bye Bye Under Eye was sent to me months ago by ipsy. It took very little product on the back of my hand, smoothed out with my pinky, and then tap-tapped all around my eyes. Wow wee. It’s like a little miracle. I looked bright and rested. I looked natural. I checked the mirror several times throughout the day to see how it was holding up and it was…perfect.

$24 at
Verdict: Love it


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One lazy Sunday morning, laying on the sofa and flippin’ the channels on my TV, I came across QVC. Mesmerized by what I saw on the screen:

A woman cleansing her pretty face with oil. Oil, to clean your face? All over her face and eyes. Her mascara just melting away! The polishing powder- how different and unique this seemed! Then the moisturizer with royal jelly! Along came the creator of Tatcha. I watched and listened. The products were elegant but simple. The beautiful ingredients and the Geisha story…oh I was hooked. $150 and 5 days later, I received my beautiful package.

I’ll make this short and straight to the point.

Tatcha One-Step Camellia Cleansing Oil

Smells heavenly. Luxurious. It is wonderful at melting away make-up. My skin felt super clean, supple, nourished. One big problem though- my eyes! It didn’t burn but it did irritate. My vision was cloudy. My eyes just didn’t feel well. I reached for Visine eye drops often. Why?? The models on TV used this all over, including their eyes! I tried cleansing more carefully, being softer and more gentle, but no. My eyes suffered.

Tatcha Classic Rice Enzyme Powder

Unique, water activated. Smells like rice paper. You only need a little. I can imagine this product lasting a long time. My skin glowed and was baby soft. My complexion evened out and looked healthy. Oh, and a big thing- the three milia I had under my eye disappeared!

Tatcha Moisture Silk Cream

Cream-Gel consistency. Pretty scent. Not too heavy, but my skin didn’t suck it up. My face felt soft and hydrated though! I would avoid wearing it during the day because I looked a tad oily. The skin around my lips began to breakout in little red bumps. Yuck. I stopped using. Skin healed. Started the moisturizer again and yes, broke out in the same area.

$150.00 at QVC

Cleansing Oil- Not for Me  (unfortunately)
Enzyme Powder- Love it
Silk Cream- Not for Me

Have you tried Tatcha?
How do you like it?

‘Till next time,


Wet n Wild Megaglo Contouring Palette

20160604_1046082.jpg.jpeg 20160604_1047072.jpg.jpeg
So many video tutorials. So many pictures. Contouring seems to be a pretty big thing right now and I want to try it!

Considering that I don’t know what I’m doing yet and just ‘playing’, I decided to go with a very affordable version. I picked up the Wet n Wild Contour palette. I expected this to be a ‘good enough’ starter for a beginner.

20160608_1057122.jpg.jpegI appreciate the photos and directions on the back of the packaging. There is very little  shimmer in this palette which is fine by me. The contouring shade is just ok. It is lightly pigmented and shows up on skin just enough, I guess. The highlighting shade is pretty much non-existent on my skin. You have to rub the powder vigorously with your brush to get pigment. In turn by doing this, you are making a mess of palette. The consistency of this powder is very off to me. It is very thin, too light in weight, and dusty. Very dusty.

$5.49 at CVS
Verdict: Not for me

Have you used the Wet n Wild Contouring Palette?
What do you think?

Which contouring palette do you recommend for a beginner?

‘Till next time,


Not Your Mother’s Clean Freak Dry Shampoo


Back in the day, before dry shampoo was born, I used to dust my hair with baby powder to make it look and smell fresh. Then one day, when I noticed the first can of dry shampoo in stores, it was so exciting for me. I was sure to be a huge fan. It was and is a product that is perfect for me.

I have purchased many brands. From $26 cans at the salon to much less expensive options at drugstores, $10 ones and $4 ones. It all came down to which one was making my roots look clean and not oily, my hair feel fresh, plus adding a little texture. Oh! And not irritating my scalp! I have tried many dry shampoos that gave me the crazy itchies!

A couple weeks ago, I was going out and my hair looked liked crap. You know, that hair that is obviously overdue for a washing? It was way too late to wash it, dry it, and style it. So I picked up my can and realized I had about 2 short sprays and that was it. Errr! Got in my car to drive to the corner drugstore to buy a can, quick!  The shelf was empty. My brand was sold out. Errr! Certainly, I needed some kind of dry shampoo and saw ‘Not Your Mother’s Clean Freak Shampoo’. Plus, it was on sale. I bought it and ran home, but honestly not real happy about trying something new. I wanted my dry shampoo.

Here we are several weeks later. Been using my new dry shampoo and I’m good. Soaks up greasy roots, refreshes, and revives between washes. The can is big and I get a lot of product for the price- even at regular price compared to my old brand! And yay, no itchies!

Sorry old brand. You lost me.

$5.99 (on sale) at Rite-Aid
Verdict: Love it

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NYX Tinted Brow Mascara


Everywhere I look- brows, brows, brows! Tinted brows, powdered brows, thick brows, highly arched brows, really dark ones, long ones, un-natural looking ones, and let me emphasize again, really thick ones.

I still have a pair of pretty decent brows myself. Thank goodness I didn’t do too much plucking in the late 80’s! I don’t pay too much attention to them and I’m not into the brow trend. I do however feel like I can benefit from a little taming and filling! You know, but still look natural.

A couple weeks ago I was at my local Target admiring the NYX Cosmetics section. I’m a fan of theirs- not only do they have a big line and beautiful colors, but it’s affordable! Tempted to splurge, I picked up a few things including the Tinted Brow Mascara in Brunette.

It’sscreenshot_2016-05-27-13-24-092.jpg.jpeg completely easy to use, I rarely ever mess up BUT I really wish the wand was smaller. Seems a little too chucky and too big for brows. You can go very light to a darker shade depending how many coats you wear. Using this alone will not give you full-fledged dramatic results, it will however give you subtle tinting, filling, and shaping. It looks natural and feels soft.

$6.99 at Target
Verdict: Like it

Have you used the NYX tinted brow mascara?
What do you think?

‘Till next time,



Caudalie Beauty Elixir Set


Caudalie, oh Caudalie!

I was attracted to this brand due to all the natural ingredients. Plants, herbs, fruits. So much going on, but all sounds so good and loaded with antioxidants! It’s gotta be great for my skin, right?

Instant Foaming Cleanser

I prefer foaming cleansers and this is a nice one that doesn’t over lather. It feels very light and gentle. I can use it over my eyes with no burn or irritation. One tiny bummer though, it does not wash away my mascara. But, not only does my skin feel clean, it looks clean too. No tightness at all. Just super fresh. Let me also mention, this little bottle has lasted me a while!

Beauty Elixir

This has many uses. It is a toner, a make-up setter, and a little ‘pick me up’ for any time. A little spritz gives me a cool fresh burst. I’ve noticed less blackheads and a more even complexion. The scent of this is very strong. In fact, I know of others whom have complained that it’s overwhelming. Yes it’s strong, but I personally don’t mind. Apparently, this is also good for the guys to use as an aftershave! I won’t tell my husband that though- I don’t want to share.

Instant Detox Mask

I spread a very thin layer over my face and leave it on for double the time suggested without a problem. It dries very quickly and I love that it washes away easily. I really do believe it gets down into my pores and removes toxins because my face feels wonderfully soft and supple for days after!

While using the Caudalie Elixir Set, my skin seems brighter, even, and overall healthier.

$49 at Sephora
Verdict: Love it

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Sunday Riley Blue Moon Tranquility Cleansing Balm



I’ve been curious of this brand for some time now. I have had my eye on a couple of their products, but didn’t splurge until now.

First off, the jar is bigger than I expected (that’s always a good thing)! The product itself is so pretty. I know that sounds ridiculous, but it really is pretty. It is a very cool looking minty blue and I’m assuming that because of the sugar base in it, it almost glistens.

From the brand:

What it is:
A hydrating cleansing balm that removes makeup—even stubborn eye makeup—and impurities with sugar-based cleansers as soothing essential oils calm irritation.

What it is formulated to do:
Blue Moon Tranquility Cleansing Balm is a luxurious balm-to-milk, soft blue cleansing balm that effortlessly removes makeup and impurities. Using gentle, clean-rinsing, sugar-based cleansers, it moisturizes with cocoa butter and mimosa flower wax while soothing with deep-blue, azulene-rich, essential oils of blue tansy and German chamomile. Vanilla and sweet orange essential oils help to relax the mind for a tranquil, spa-like experience. It rinses clean effortlessly while thoroughly removing makeup and gently purifying the skin.

What it is formulated WITHOUT:
– Parabens
– Sulfates
– Phthalates

What else you need to know:
This product is cruelty-free, noncomedogenic, and formulated without fragrance and gluten.

I massage it all over my face and neck area, including my eyes. I leave it alone, for two minutes or so. My skin seems to warm it up into a beautiful balm like oil. I massage and massage again. Leave again. Massage again. It feel so wonderful, I almost don’t want to wash it off! Then I apply a little water which turns it into the milky stage. I remove the product with a warm wash cloth.

The end result? Plump, ultra soft skin that feels remarkably clean and supple. I feel no residue nor does it irritate my sensitive eyes.

$50 at Sephora
Verdict: Love it

‘Till next time,